Completed Projects: 2006 Cobalt RWD Conversion


This car is being redone as a drag racing car. It will sport a custom made frame, and chassis from chrome moly steel, making it lightweight and strong. It will also have a high powered 4 cylinder with twin turbos to get it down the track.
A couple of concept pictures trying out different rim styles.
This is the way we received the car, partially stripped as requested.
After stripping the car the rest of the way we installed bracing to hold it together. Then we started to remove the seam sealer and undercoating where we needed to cut and grind.
After cutting out what we needed, we ground all edges clean, ready for reassembly or more customizing.
Installing the front and rear frame sections, this requires alot of measuring to make sure everything is square and true. Then it is tack welded in place. Now we fabricate support tubes and tack in place. This helps keep the frame rails parrell and true to the body.
After all the support bars are in place, we install the suspension to measure all our major points of interest like ride hieght and suspension travel.
This shows all the Mustang II suspension in place with the Flaming River steering rack.
We have two sets of axles, Pro Street and Race. Each one is checked in the housing to make sure of proper fit and alignment.
The above pictures show the rear 4 link suspention with the lower wishbone track locater, the upper anti-sway bar and the adjustable coilover shocks. To keep the wieght down we even used aluminum cases to hold the Richmond gear sets.
Details of the all tig welded chrome moly roll cage.
Mocking up the floor using paper templates to ensure a clean tight fit when fabricated in metal. We also put the seats in at this point to ensure the mounting holes were in the correct place.
Beginning to fabricate the new floor and tubs.
Floor all fabricated, primed and sealed, awaiting paint
In order to fit the new meaty rubber in the wheel well we needed to enlarge the openning. By doing this, we also had to alter the rear bumper to match.
By enlargeing the wheel openning, we also had to shorten the rocker covers.
After all the parts and panels were painted, they were carefully reassembled and installed.
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