Completed Projects: Hummer H6

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2006 H2 Hummer concept to reality, we call it the H6.

This customer requested to modify a H2 Hummer and make it wheelchair accessible. To make it wheelchair accessible we decided to stretch the vehicle and make it 6 wheel. The vehicle has air ride rear suspension, and hydraulically controlled torsion bar suspension in the front. Due to the shape of the door we decided to make it a gull wing door with custom billet hinges. The ramp is 2 piece aluminum with a rear driven motor.

Donor Hummer for the back half Back half removed with rear frame section and axle
Interior sheet metal stretched Extended wheel well
Second axle and frame section Air accumulator - this is to assist the air ride as a dampener providing an extra smooth ride
Custom billet hinges(chromed) mounted outside of gull wing door
The electrical system incorporates many sensors and relays. Push one button on the dash and the vehicle will automatically lower to hit the lower limit switches, then the door will automatically start to open. When the door opens half way the ramp will start unfolding. Push the same button on the dash again and everything begins to close and go back to factory ride height.
Checking out the look of the 24" rims mounted.
view of the rear suspension Gull wing door hydraulically controlled
Many pics of the completed H6. Be sure to check out the videos at the bottom of the page
After extensive testing, the H6 was on its way to the customer over seas.