Completed Projects: 1939 Cadillac Limo


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1939 Cadillac 75 Series as purchased. This project was built with Igor's Automotive. It has to be made wheelchair accessible from the passenger rear. It was also to have the drivetrain and suspension updated to a modern style.
First we disassembled the vehicle and sent the shell out for sandblasting. The shell could not be chemical stripped due to all the factory wood frame work. Sheet metal parts were sent to the chemical strippers.
Original Floor Bracing for new rear floor
New rear floor installed Supports for new rear seat
The repairing of corroded metal begins Original front suspension
Original Motor ran, but it is not up to todays standards. Power and efficency are not there. New Motor is a LS1. This should handle producing the power needed to make it car move.
Beginning to set up the wheelchair ramp The ramp from inside the car
Checking ramp alignment to ensure the door will close After disassembly of the complete body, we sent the shell and parts to the body shop
While body parts were in the body shop, we modified the chassis and set up the drivetrain
The body is back from the body shop. We cover the interior with dynamat, and start assembling the car
The customer has requested a rear heater system. We are also showing the relay bar that controls all the automatic functions
All the chrome parts on the car were disassembled and sent out to be rechromed
All the factory interior parts to be used were fit into the car prior to being sent out for refinishing
Pictures of the engine bay showing the conversion to the LS2 engine
The customer described that he wanted a good stereo system, so we made new interior panels to acomadate the speakers
Pics showing the completed car
Pics showing the wheelchair accessability
Just some detail pics
Car Show pics, we won many awards with this car. Good payback after alot of hard work.