Completed Projects: 1983 Dodge Rampage

In the beginning I, the owner of DISTINCT IMAGES Custom Auto Builders drove this car / truck called a Dodge Rampage. I drove it everyday for about 400,000 km, then I had to park it due to extreme floor wrought and the engine had so little power it could barely pull me out of a puddle. I really like this vehicle, it was great on fuel and being a two seater, it was like driving a sports car. It also had a quarter ton rating and a 4’ box so I also had a mini truck.

Then one day I was out in the garage and I got this bright idea, I will build a custom pro-street machine out of the Rampage. I thought this would be a great package to work with, This is Dodges smallest truck and if I convert it to rear wheel drive I could put in Dodges biggest production motor a 440 ci. This combination should make for a fast vehicle. Being that I would like to drive it on the street I would need to keep all of the factory safety items like the Horn, Wipers, Lights and E-brake.

Seven years later, I finally finished it. The result is like this:
1983 Dodge Rampage
440 V8 Engine – Alum. Rods, Roller Cam, Gear Drive, Alum. Heads, 2 1/8 headers
727 Auto Transmission – Manual Valve body, 8.25” Hi Stall Converter
8 ¾ Rear End – locker posi., axles and gears
Custom frame with roll cage,
MII front suspension, Coil-over Shocks all around
Weld Wheels with M/T tires



During the Build

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1983 Pro Street Dodge Rampage
Stock Rampage Parts Car Before Graphics
Setting up for the floor Chassis is finished, fitting tubs
Dash & Interior Drivers cockpit
Power!!! Pro Scoop
Detail of Graphics
Wheel World Speedarama 2003
2005 Chrysler Nationals - Carlisle